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Course: EC-EN-P2101, Nine-Palaces-Acupuncture

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Video record of the Live-Course from Prof.Feng Ning Han in Germany



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Basic knowledge of Chinese medicine and acupuncture 


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online, Video record of the live-course, with 2 months learning access


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10 Sections with 36 UE totally


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Nine-Palaces-Acupuncture (Prof. Feng Ning Han)

-----The Methods’ Theory and it’s Clinical Application 


The Nine Palaces Acupuncture is based on the two mystic diagrams “He-Tu“ and “Luo-Shu“. The legend says that emperor Fu Xi discovered the “He-Tu“, “the plan of the yellow river“, on the back of a dragonhorse. It describes the so-called pre-heaven arrangement and shows a magic square that is subdivided into fields numbering from 1 to 9, of which also the numeric scheme of the 5 phases originates.


According to the principle that the macrocosmos mirrors the microcosmos, the nine palaces method can be applied, depending on the symptoms, for treatments of the whole body, as well as for just an affected part, like the spinal column, or a body region with skin lesions or hair loss. It is also used in abdominal acupuncture.


The aim of this method is balancing deficiency and excess. A weak area is tonified by treating another corresponding area, located on a diagonal, horizontal or vertical axis. In this way perfect harmony on Zang-Fu level shall be achieved or local structures shall be regenerated. 


The system is very flexible, so that therapists may easily combine the nine palaces acupuncture with other acupuncture methods. The synergies optimize the success of treatment.


During this course, as first the theoretical background of daoistic thinking will be explained.  Based on this, in the following days, the focus will be on the techniques of the nine palace acupuncture in theory and practice. For a better understanding cases of patients will be presented and discussed.