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SGTCM online academy offers additional learning opportunities and supports the learning process of our students. In the Profession Training (Ausbildung) area we only offer German-language programs, but we would also like to support our students and person who are interested in TCM, using English-language material and courses as a learning supplement.


Currently our online portal has videos in English initially, with free video courses in Chinese medicine and culture (Free Courses), as well as paid, selected and revised videos for beginners/growing practicians (Discovery Courses) and advanced practicians (Essential Courses). Videos in German will be available in next step.


The current course list can easily be viewed here and the access registration can also be carried out. After registering, it is also possible to install the SGTCM-app easily and visit the online academy conveniently with one click. (See instructions below.)


Courses available

Free courses

1. serie

Introduction and Philosophical Foundations of TCM

(7 sections with 60 min. )


This course includes 7 sections under 3 chapters. 


Introduction: What is TCM


Chapter 1 The Fundamental Characteristics of TCM

1.1 Holistic Concept

1.2 Treatment Based on Syndrome Differentiation


Chapter 2 Philosophical Foundations of TCM 

2.1 Theory of Qi

2.2 The Yin-Yang Theory

2.3 The Five-Element Theory (1)

2.4 The Five-Element Theory (2)


Discovery courses

1. serie

Understand Chinese Medicine

- brief and clear

(55 sections with 12 learning hours)


This course includes 55 sections under 8 chapters. You will catch a very informative overview on Chinese Medicine and key facts about the basic theory, diagnostics of TCM as well as the brief introduction about the treatment methods - Acupuncture and Herb therapy. Even you have already learned the basic theories of TCM, you might get some new ideas and sight!


Discovery courses (1) - Basic Theory of TCM

Chapter 1 Visceral Manifestation

Chapter 2 Essence, Qi, Blood and Body Fluid, and mutual relations among them

Chapter 3 Etiology and Pathogenesis


Discovery courses (2) - Diagnostics of TCM

Chapter 4 Diagnostic Methods in TCM

Chapter 5 Syndrome Differentiation

Chapter 6 Preventive and Therapeutic Principles and Methods


Discovery courses (3) - Acupuncture, Herbs and Formulas

Chapter 7 Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Chapter 8 Chinese Medicinals and Formulas

Essential courses

1. course

Nine-Palaces-Acupuncture--Theory and it’s Clinical Application 

(10 sections with 36 learning hours)


The Nine Palaces Acupuncture is based on the two mystic diagrams “He-Tu“ and “Luo-Shu“. The legend says that emperor Fu Xi discovered the “He-Tu“, “the plan of the yellow river“, on the back of a dragonhorse. It describes the so-called pre-heaven arrangement and shows a magic square that is subdivided into fields numbering from 1 to 9, of which also the numeric scheme of the 5 phases originates.


According to the principle that the macrocosmos mirrors the microcosmos, the nine palaces method can be applied, depending on the symptoms, for treatments of the whole body, as well as for just an affected part, like the spinal column, or a body region with skin lesions or hair loss. It is also used in abdominal acupuncture.


The aim of this method is balancing deficiency and excess. A weak area is tonified by treating another corresponding area, located on a diagonal, horizontal or vertical axis. In this way perfect harmony on Zang-Fu level shall be achieved or local structures shall be regenerated. 



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