Akupunktur Fortbildung 2019

Eight Extraordinary Vessels in the treatment of the heart Shen and seven emotions/Qi Qing

Acupuncture Point Combinations Discussed and Mastered

Course number: W190906


Date: 06./07./08.09.2019 (Fr./Sa./So.)



Entry requirements: 

Basic knowledge of Chinese medicine & acupuncture 


Language: English 


Location: Wachsbleiche 8-9,

                 53111 Bonn, Germany



558€  (AGTCM-member & Alumnus of SGTCM: 447€)



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David Hartmann


David Hartmann is an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner lives in Brisbane, Australia. He has been practicing since 1997 and upgraded his qualifications with a Masters of Acupuncture in 2009.

He is a contract academic at Endeavour College of Natural Health, where hr lectures students in a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine degree.

As a keen researcher and writer he has recently finished writing a textbook titled 'The Principles and Practical Application of Acupuncture Point Combinations'. This will be released in August 2019 by the publishing company Singing Dragon. Prior to that he has also had a textbook titled 'Acupoint Dictionary 2e' published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone in 2009.

He has presented at conferences in the USA, Germany, England and Australia as well as done stand-alone seminars in the USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. 



Course information



The Eight Extraordinary Vessels are a fascinating part of Chinese medicine and treatment. They were first mentioned in the Spiritual Pivot (Líng Shū/靈樞)which was written over 2000 years ago. Since then they have been discussed sporadically, until about the last ten years, when there has been an explosion of new content on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.


There is so much to learn about the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, and even an entire book written about them will only begin to touch the surface. Therefore, this three-day workshop will be targeting the use of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels in two main areas, the Heart Shen and emotions.


The workshop will start with a brief overview of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, followed by a discussion on their function, when to use them and how to use them. This will be followed up with each of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels being analysed individually. Acupuncture point combinations will be introduced and discussed for the Heart Shen and twelve emotions. 


Plenty of opportunity will be provided to practically apply point combinations taught, throughout the three days. The presenter will also demonstrate some of the different point combinations.


Further, there will be a range of different acupuncture point combinations explored that are separate to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, but that are extremely valuable for Heart Shen and emotional disorders.


Whilst the Eight Extraordinary Vessels have had a resurgence recently, the same cannot be said for books on the Heart Shen and emotions, therefore this workshop is designed to fill that gap. This is important because there has been a distinct increase in patients wanting treatment for emotional imbalances, including, but not limited to, depression, anger, anxiety and phobias.


This workshop is perfect to give you tools to aid in your patient’s Shen or emotional imbalance by incorporating the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and acupuncture point combinations. This is a truly extraordinary workshop!


NOTE: Regardless of whether you attended the presenters Eight Extraordinary Vessels workshop at Rothenburg in May, this is a must-attend workshop!